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How soon after I place my order will it be shipped?

ASAP! We usually ship within 12-36 hours of your order being placed and we ship out every weekday, Monday through Friday, except on Holidays. We offer several shipping options, from snail mail to expedited super-speed, at reasonable prices that you can choose at checkout.

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

All products are shipped from our international warehouse and delivery times depends on the product ordered. Due to significant demand most items will arrive in about 2-4 weeks. If you're still not sure, contact us. We're happy to help.

Our partners are located throughout different parts of the world including India, China, Japan, Dubai, and the United States. Our unique business model and established relationships have given us access to products all over the world at phenomenally low prices and we pass these steep discounts we have earned along to you - our valued customer.

All of your purchases with us are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

I ordered 2+ items, but only received one, where is the rest of my order?

When ordering multiple items at a time, they may be shipped separately so they get to you faster. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once…they are on the way :)

How much is shipping?

This depends on the product ordered, the total weight, and the location we are shipping to. All is detailed at checkout and dependant on the option you choose. We have put negotiated competitive shipping rates for our customers.

Are the "FREE" items really free?

ABSOLUTELY! For our free items, all you have to pay is the shipping & handling cost. The price of the item itself is $0.00 :)

Your free plus shipping items are limited to 5 items per customer per transaction. We reserve the right to withdraw all offers at any time. 

 Orders will be accepted & processed at our sole discretion & we reserve the right to decline orders without providing an explanation.

Why have I not received any order confirmation details?

Most times this is because our customers have accidentally entered their email information incorrectly. Throughout the process we send 2-3 emails, including an order conformation, a fulfillment notice, and a shipping notice.

If you believe you may have entered your email incorrectly please contact us and we will fix it for you.

Can I have a tracking number?

Where available and if appropriate option selected at checkout a tracking number will be provided. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with your order.

What is your refund policy?

Making YOU Happy Is Our #1 Priority.  If you do not receive your order within the estimated timeframe, if your order is defective (dead-on-arrival) or materially different from what was presented on the product page, we will refund your money. We want to provide a risk-free shopping experience and trust our customers to not take advantage of us on this offer. Click on the following link for more information on our refund policy

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions that are not on this FAQ page, please contact us on our Facebook page OR please contact us using the Contact Us form here and we will reply to your inquiry.